Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things you may not know (or care about haha)

1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to color -- but I will ONLY use Crayola brand crayons -- I mean I LOOOVE to color
2. If someone drinks the milk out of the cereal bowl I will literally throw up
3. I have never in my 39 years of life tasted a Hostess Twinkie
4. I was absolutely postively totally in love with Jon Bon Jovi for years (39 to be exact haha)
5. If one of my kids leaves milk in a glass in the sink and it gets firm -- I just throw the glass away
6. I dont do milk (in case you cant tell)
7. I once poured my cereal bowl of milk behind the TV because someone wanted me to drink it
8. I worked at the paper mill one summer painting fire hydrants all summer - hard hat and all
9. I love purses, I could change weekly (and sometimes do)
10. I dont do stupid -- I cannot stand people to FAKE being dingy  ugggghhhhhh
11. I have never eaten at Taco Bell that it didnt make me sick -  Never
12. I cry at commercials
13. I cry at songs
14. I cry at tv shows
15. I cry at movies
16. Other than these, I dont cry easy
17. I love to do anything to make people smile

Friday, August 12, 2011

I know I am getting old-----

Last night we went to the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus here in Jackson.  Man I love the circus.  It was kind of sad at how many empty seats there were.  There probably wasn't a thousand people there and this was $11 night.  That was really sad to me.

I remember when the circus was such a big deal and everyone wanted to go.  I'm sure it doesn't help that it is very expensive, but last night there was just a feeling of  "loss of family " time.  Do you know what I mean?  kind of like families are too busy for such an event as this.  As I was talking to some friends who were there, she asked me "Does it seem so much smaller just because we are older?"  Yea - I think so - you know things were always bigger and better when you were little -- the circus is kind of the same.

She also made the statement "I was kind of afraid my kids would be like- Is this all there is to it?"  I think it is so sad that our kids have so much and see so much at such early ages, that not even the circus impresses them too much.

Family time is very important to me -- I make it a point for us to sit as a family, TV off and eat dinner.  This is not a normal family time thing anymore either, but that's when we all "tell about our days".  Most of the time - the stuff they say is sooo trivial and uninteresting, but it is what was important to them that day, therefore it is an insight to who they are and THAT is important to me.

But, family time is the easiest thing to put on the back burner.  We are all soo busy that we "just don't have time" anymore - and that is sad!!  Lets all try our best to spend as much time with our children and spouses as possible -- God gave them to us and we should value that gift!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


You know -- when you are married, have children, have a job, etc........  life sometimes seems so boring.  Maybe not really boring, but routine.  I mean I literally do the same thing monday through friday and most saturdays and sundays are the same too.  You can almost pinpoint where I am and what I am doing at almost any moment in my life.  So routine.  But would I seriously want things any different?  Would I change anything - really?  I say I would, but if given the opportunity would I really change anything?

I would still get up by 6 am every day -- even if I am off I am usually awake by then
I would still brush my teeth first thing every morning
I would still take my bath at night - so as to not be too rushed in the mornings
I would still pick out the same kind of clothes
I would still wake the boys up first, girls second
I would still get a diet coke first thing every morning
I would still make it a point to kiss my husband every morning before he leaves, sometimes twice
I would still let my kids sit in the van with the heat/air on so they are comfortable waiting on the bus
I would still go to church - Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday nights
I would still call my momma everyday
I would still hate doing laundry
I would still have to have my house clean at all times or go crazy
I would still run the daycare because there is nothing else I had rather do or anywhere else Id rather work
I would still take on multiple tasks and complete each one of them no matter how tired I was
I would still cry at every sappy commercial
I would still cry when people told sad or happy stories
I would still make sure I am always smiling
I would still try to make people happy

this list is truly endless --- and oh so true --- as busy and crazy as my life gets -- I would not ever change anything about it.  I am who I am because God gave me life - because God knew who I would become and knew every tiny little detail of my life before I was even born.  How could I ask for that to change.

Believe it or not I would still go through my divorce -- it made me the person I am today.  It made me stronger, it made me wiser and it made me trust that God would take care of me even more.

God is so gracious to me (and you).  He has provided for me unconditionally even when I had put him on the back burner. 

I thank God for my life.  I thank God for my beautiful perfectly created children.  I thank God for my husband - my soul mate - my best friend.  I thank God for my precious amazing parents. I thank God for my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, friends, and all other family. I thank God for giving me a loving heart, where I am capable of loving and caring for so many people.  I thank God for my health.  I thank God for my blue eyes.  I thank God for my brown hair.  I thank God for allowing me to work in my dream job with a great boss.  I thank God for my church and church family.  I thank God for sending his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for me and for you.  I cannot hardly go a day without my kids, so can you imagine "allowing" them to die for someone else.  If that does not prove to us that God loves us soooo very much, what does?

Have you thanked God for the little things lately??  If not -- do so now -- he would love to hear from you!!!